Two Rivers Bass Tournament

Carrollton’s Two Rivers Bass Tournament
$200 for a Two-Person Team
Checks Payable to Carrollton/Carroll County Tourism
October 10, 2020…………………..7AM-4PM
October 11, 2020………………………..7AM-3PM

$6000 1st Place Guaranteed
$10,000 Total Minimum Payout Guaranteed
Paying 1 Place for every 10 Boats
Big Bass Award Each Day

Sponsored by Earl Floyd Ford

Tournament Rules

  1. Carrollton Tournament: Dates October 10th and 11th Payout: $6000 1st Place Guaranteed, $10,000 Total Minimum Payout Guaranteed, Paying 1 Place for every 10 Boats, Big Bass Award Each Day. Pre-tournament meeting will be Saturday Morning October 10, 2020 at 6:00 AM.
  2. Registration: The Registration and start numbers are on a first come basis. One member of each team or a representative is required to be present at the Pre-Tournament Meeting. Failure to appear at the Pre-Tournament Meeting will result in a disqualification.
  3. Weather Delays and Cancelation: In the event of extreme weather conditions the tournament director and staff will make the decision to cancel that day of fishing. Should the tournament be delayed due to weather and we decide to launch, the check in times will stand as announced. Should either scheduled days of this tournament be canceled due to a weather related circumstances, one day results will determine the winner.
  4. Take Off: Tournament will start at 7:00 am each morning. Day 1 Take Off will start with boat number #1 and continue until all boats have been released. Day 2 Take Off will be by reverse order. Take Off will be located at Point Park Ramp.
  5. Check-In: Check-in will be done by flights. Flights will be equally split. Each fight must Check-in before their Check-in time. Check-in for both days of the tournament will be located on dock. There will be a deduction of 1lb. per minute of your total weight for every minute late to Check-in. Teams more than 15 minutes late to Check-in will not be permitted to weigh-in that day’s catch.
  6. Limits: The limit shall be 5 largemouth, smallmouth, or Ky Bass per day, unless the prevailing state limit is less than 5, or a special limit is established for a particular tournament by the tournament director, in which case the state limit, or special limit shall be the tournament limit. At no time shall a competitor have in possession more than the tournament limit. Tournament Officials will conduct checks for violations of this provision, and in the event a competitor has in their possession more than the stated limit, shall cull, starting with the largest bass first, etc., down to the stated limit.
  7. Short Fish Penalties: Only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass may be brought to weigh-in. All fish brought to weigh-in must be at least 12″ long. Short fish will be culled from sack and YOU will receive 1 lb Penalty for each Short Fish. The official measuring board of the Tournament is a golden rule
  8. Live-well Inspection: Boat must have a working live-well, either built into the boat or portable. Live-wells must have some type of pump or circulator to keep fish alive. All live-wells will be checked during launch each day.
  9. Boat and Motor: Boats must have required Coast Guard Safety Equipment and must have a motor within the rating limits. All boats are required to have a working Kill Switch properly installed. Minimum size limit for boats Must be 16’
  10. Pre-Fishing: The Tournament will not be closed to pre-fishing.
  11. Weigh-in Bags: Participants may only bring fish to the weigh-in station in a weigh-in bag provided by tournament officials.
  12. Sportsmanship: All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs shall be allowed in the boats during the tournament hours extending through the close of the weigh-in.
  13. Off-Limits: Tournament off-limits areas will be announced at the pretournament meeting. Teams may not fish closer than 50 yards to another competitor who is anchored with the trolling motor up unless given permission. If permission is given to one, then all may fish same water. Having a non-contestant sit on a hole for you shall be cause for disqualification. Any team fishing in the off-limits areas will have that day’s weight disqualified from the tournament.
  14. Dead fish Penalty: For each dead fish a 1/2 pound penalty will be deducted from your total weight. Fish that appears altered or mangled shall be the tournament director’s decision to weigh or not to weigh the fish. In the unlikely event that a Dead Fish is weighed for Big Bass Pot, the fish will be weighed and the ½ lb Penalty will be deducted from the Gross Weight. The Net Weight will be recorded as the Official Weight for Big Bass.
  15. Life Preserver: During the Tournament, contestants not wearing their life jackets zipped and secured when the combustion engine is running and in gear will have that day’s weight disqualified from the tournament.
  16. Ties: In case of a tie for first place team, the following tie   breakers will be used in this order:

1.) The team or individual with the largest number of legal fish weighed-in during the competition;

2.) The team or individual with the largest number of legal LIVE fish weighed-in during the competition;

3.) The team or individual with the heaviest single days catch during competition;

4.) The team or individual with the second heaviest single days catch during competition.

In the unlikely event that teams or individuals remain tied after these four tiebreakers are employed; then a flip of a coin will be used to determine the winner(s) and the money, if any will be equally split. Ties for lesser positions shall be resolved by means selected by the Tournament Director.

  1. No Live Bait: Only artificial lures can be used. The use of pork rind is permitted.
  2. Leaving Your Boat: Competitors shall remain with their partners in the boat at all times during the tournament. Except in the event of sickness or brief excursions for “nature calling”, a severe storm or other such hazards. If for any reason a team decides to leave the tournament waters early, competitors must contact tournament officials, prior to leaving the tournament. If you have boat trouble, one member must remain with the disabled boat. The other team member may board another competitor’s boat with that days catch and bring fish to the weigh-in. Please contact the tournament director prior to doing so.
  3. Cheating: Anyone caught cheating in the Tournament will be immediately barred immediately from this event and fishing any event in the future. We reserve the right to have a random truth verification test performed at any time. You may not use a cell phone to gain an advantage over the rest of the competitors. Cell phones can only be used to contact Tournament Officials ONLY. (Or dire emergencies.)
  4. Protest: All protest must be submitted in writing to the tournament director before the close of weigh-in. Verbal protest will not be accepted.
  5. State Rules: All state rules and regulations must be followed. Teams breaking a State Rule or Regulations will have that day’s weight disqualified.
  6. Insurance: All members will carry liability insurance on any boat they might use during the Tournament. Failure to do so or reporting false information will result in disqualification. Participants must have the company name and both policy number and the coverage amount available up on request.
  7. Refusal of Entry: Tournament committee reserve the right to refuse any entry.

Tournament Director: Donnie Keeton 859-760-5433

Pre-Tourney Meeting

Saturday, October 10th at 6:00AM

Polygraph WILL be Administered

Carroll County Tourism Office
515 Highland Ave, Carrollton, KY 41008
(502) 732-7036

Paid in part by the KY Department of Travel & Tourism.