Go take a hike.  Really.

We want you to come take a hike on one of our trails! We also want to send you up a creek but we’ll rent you a paddle (and a canoe.) We really are a nice bunch and will be happy to share our rolling hills and bluegrass so you can enjoy a little peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Fiddling. Food. Fishing. Fun.


Carrollton has a variety of music events through out the year, (not just fiddling, sorry to get all your Bluegrass hopes up). You don’t even have to be a millionaire to get front row seats either. Most music events are free! You can also find good food at these events….think tasty, slow cooked BBQ. Carrollton hosts several fishing tournaments during the year and we pay good prize money….which is a certain kind of FUN! Point Park is the perfect place to launch your own boat and enjoy the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers! There’s some kind of FUN for just about everyone in Carrollton!

Hotels, cottages, RV campgrounds, and the great outdoors. A great place to stay, whatever your way.

Sleep on a blanket under the stars in one of our two campgrounds or snuggle into a cozy king sized bed in one of the 24 newly renovated cottages at General Butler State Resort Park. Carrollton has plenty of choices for lodging with the park, six other hotels, a B&B and 2 campgrounds. Two Rivers Campground is located within walking distance of the confluence of the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers! We have plenty of ADA accessible rooms and all with the luxuries of home..yes, that includes free wifi! We want you to “check-in” (Facebook users you know what we’re talking about) after you check-in with us!


Where Kentucky country fare and locally grown produce meet.


Three words. Kentucky. Hot. Brown. If you haven’t had this baked country ham, roasted turkey, smothered in cheese, topped with bacon and tomato, (you have to have your vegetables) dish, then you have to try one while you’re in Carrollton! You can also enjoy other Kentucky Country Fare like pinto beans, fried potatoes, cornbread, and great fried fish at more than one place in town! We can be healthy too! We like to grow our own produce and keep the cooking in the family here. The Farmers Market is a great place to find local produce May through October. Local stores carry Kentucky Proud items too!

Carroll County Tourism Office
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(502) 732-7036

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